One might call the genesis of Oranžáda a mystery. The band was being formed during some of its members' high school studies. The first official concert was in 2010, when Oranžáda (then under the working title "Balkán") publicly played at the graduation concert of Tomáš Kůgel. Over the years of rehearsing members changed and the repertoire grew. It is no secret that the band draws on the inspiration from the best, such as the Fanfare Ciocarlia, Goran Bregovic, Boban, Marko Markovic and others. A major breakthrough was in 2013, when the Fanfáre Oranžáda (still unofficial name) participated in the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary, where they performed in clubs and entertained tourists on the street. Consequently, the official name of the band became Oranžáda and it has since performed at festivals, clubs, private parties and on the street.

Tomáš Knotek, DiS (drums)

Milan Krajíc (drums)

Jakub Mašek, Dis (euphonium, trombone)

Jan Jirucha, Dis (euphonium, trombone)

Martin Zavoďam, Dis (tube)

Tomáš Kůgel (clarinet)

Petr Beránek, Dis (trumpete)

Filip Kučera, Dis (saxophone, clarinet)

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